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This is what I really don’t like about Taylor. 

Like, date however many dudes you want. More power to ya. But don’t be a fucking spiteful asshole. Nobody likes that shit.

Exfuckingactly. She’s twenty-three years old, and bills herself in all her songs as such a cute little victim who just fell for the wrong boy, but then she pulls shit like this all the time. You’re a role model to millions of younger girls. Don’t you think you should

a) grow up about things like that?

b) start accepting that possibly, maybe, just POTENTIALLY you might be the problem sometimes? The odds of you dating all these boys and it NEVER ONCE BEING YOU is…well, not happening.

Be an adult. Have as many exes as you’d like but stop acting like a goody two shoes who only ever is innocent and then turn around trying to demonize them while being a bitch. 

^ whoever made this argument is seriously my fucking favorite
i also love the fact that harry is younger than her, and hasn’t said a single fucking word about the break up. it just goes to show you that maturity doesn’t always coincide with age.

this is like the only thing about taylor swift i’m going to reblog because the arguments are fantastic and sum up how i feel.

im never on here anymore opps

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